We need merely speak and a digital device chimes in and records our thoughts, adds events to a calendar, or even plays a song. Life in the age of technology is easier than ever. But it also has a looming tendency to feel emptier than ever. No matter what life-changing device or high-tech gadget you have, nothing is a substitute for meditating with a pen and paper. Your hopes, dreams, and goals are floating in your head but are clouded by ever changing screens and undeniable social media FOMO. It’s time to get back to the drawing board—or the writing board.

Top leadership advisors, motivational speakers, and some of the most influential minds at Forbs all have one thing in common: they write their goals down on paper. The simple act of writing out our thoughts and ideas triggers the mind to remember and organize. Expressing the details of goals on paper causes the brain to focus on the most important details while filtering out the rest. This is backed by many neuropsychology studies.  Of course, it is so typical of human nature to look to science for the answers, when God knew all along!

Habakkuk offers many words on insight and prophesies in the Old Testament. Fittingly, God expresses to Habakkuk:

“Write down the vision and make it plain on tablets so that all who see it may run with it.”—Habakkuk 2:2

It is never too late to get serious about the things that dwell in your heart and mind. We have such a tendency to overcomplicate life by being overwhelmed with daily endeavors and distractions of technology. But God’s plan was for us to be more plain and clear! Start now with the “Write the Vision” notebook that reflects this inspiring verse in foil print. Write the visions, dreams, and inspirations that God gives you; your hopes and dreams are so often inspired by God. Don’t put them aside! It is never too late raise the bar, or a plume, and go for your goals.